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Artist Statement - bio for Press

Natalie Jade is a Contemporary Aboriginal and abstract artist and a energy healer who paints artworks that people often describe as healing. She paints artworks that depict what is closest to her soul such as the stars, the sun and rainbows together that have a deep spiritual meaning to her. 


My Story -

Natalie is a contemporary Aboriginal and abstract artist. Her Aboriginal family bloodlines (Palawa -Nuenonne) connect her to the Moorinya sister of Truganini.

Painting contemporary Aboriginal art is a way to connect with my heritage, culture, soul frequency and ancestors.

Natalie also enjoys painting abstract art which is inspired by the sea and the island she lives on.

Born into a family where “paint runs through their veins” she believes art is a journey of self discovery and expression. “In a way I’m letting others have a glimpse into my soul and also discovering who I am along the way.”

Many people have commented how my artwork provides them with a sense of peace and is very healing for them.