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New originals available now.
New originals available now.


A little about me:

Born into a family where “paint runs through their veins” she believes art is a journey of self discovery and expression. “In a way I’m letting others have a glimpse into my soul and also discovering who I am along the way.”

Many people have commented how my artwork provides them with a sense of peace and is very healing for them.

I am a Aboriginal women (Palawa) but live on Phillip island (millowl) in Victoria i grew up in Victoria and have been here my whole life.

I am a mum to four beautiful children and have been painting for over a decade. I come from a family of artist my Mother, sister and pop were /are all artists and its something that i have always explored and loved.

I look forward to being able to express myself though my art in any way i feel called to from here on out.