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The Seven Sisters and the Sea Collection

The Seven Sisters and the Sea Collection,

Takes your on a journey to the skies the here the seven sisters reside int the Pleiadian star system back to the seas of Mumma Gaia.

Blue seas, palm trees, crystal clear waters and warm sun on shimmering skin covered in water.

Long has the Pleiadians been apart of Aboriginal dreaming and the connection runs deep within my soul and many others here in Gaia.

This series reminds us of who we are, where we are, why we are here and the beauty that is here on Gaia. 
We look to the stars, bath in the sun and cleanse in the waters.

The Seven Sisters and the Sea Collection
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Mermaid waters II
 Acrylic on canvas 
48 x 93 cms 
Professionally Framed in a raw Tasman...

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