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New originals available now.


I’m feeling like this is the year when I’m going to be fully steeping into who I really am without letting the thoughts or opinions of others get in the way.

Last year was difficult in many ways especially for aboriginal artists. We faced so much witch hunting from our own mob and others. People having a go if your not black enough or paint using dots or whatever else that wasn’t deemed in the box of what was expected from you.

I became trapped in that box afraid to step out or be different because the criticism from last year was intense.

Well this year I’m coming out of that box! I no longer wish to be labelled as anything. Yes my blood my ancestral line is aboriginal i acknowledged that fully and I bear the wounds of my ancestors and have and am continually healing these both for myself and my ancestors before me.

But I am much more than what I was born into this lifetime, I’ve had many many lifetimes in many different forms. I’m not my body I’m not my race I’m not my skin colour, age or face I’m much more than that.

So the reason i am stating this today is because it’s long over due and love me or hate me but I need to be true to myself.

I am undefined by boxes please don’t put me in one or except me to conform to what you expect from the limitations of those boxes I am much than this one lifetime might have you believe.

I Am
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